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You can download the data sheet and manual here: Manual-LTCM. You can also view our installation video guide here. 

To create an order, please request a quote by selecting the product here.

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Our Team

Thibault Helle

Chief Technical Officer

Ramtin Massoumzadeh

Chief Executive Officer

Olle Henning

Chief Operating Officer

David de Meijere

Senior Software Developer

Marek Baczynski

Electrical Engineer

Peter Eriksson

Production Engineer

Max Lindgren

Software Developer

Linus Persson

Embedded Engineer

Our Advisors

Johan Ekberg

Investor & Board member
Former CEO, Sales Director and Founder of Ownit AB

Joacim Sjöberg

Investor & Board member
Chairman at BeijerInvest

Monica Bellgran

Professor at Industrial Production Management at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Stefan Tengvall

Executive Chairman at TechBuddy, Former CEO of Ownit AB

Marwan Ayache

Head of Operations and External Relations at SSES

Siimon Vaske

Business Development Coach Energy & Clean Tech at KTH - Innovation

Peter Larsson

VP Utilities at Echelon, CEO Metering Technology Corporation

Max Qwarnström

Managing Partner at RE Equity Partners AB

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Sankt Eriksgatan 33A, plan 4
112 39, Stockholm

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